Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wow time flies!

I'm sorry about how bad I've been about updating this blog lately. Between being breaking up with my fiance, moving, my son's adjustments to a brand new life (he's finally doing better!), him getting stitches, participating in a Savvy Sale (more on this later), job searching, room mate searching, and my 19 credits at school, we have been BUSY!
So I do apologize. Here are some of the good deals that I've been enjoying:
It says:

"Introducing new Palmolive® Pure + Clear Detergent!

This exciting new detergent from Palmolive provides a natural, glowing shine that redefines clean. It contains no dyes, no unnecessary chemicals, no heavy fragrances. It is also an extremely environmentally friendly product: Its phosphate-free formula is biodegradable and leaves no harmful residue on dishes. Its bottle is even made of post-consumer recycled plastic!

And, of course, it cleans your dishes masterfully! You will be amazed at what this environmentally-conscious cleaner can do, without having to scrub for hours!"
I've actually tried this already. It's not too bad, although I have been using an alternate method (that I make) to cleaning my dishes. More on that later. Here is the link for this sample!

"Introducing Don't Disturb Me! Asphalia for Natural Sleep, a natural solution to your sleep problems. Leading Nutritionists are hailing "Don't Disturb Me!" Asphalia for Natural Sleep as the "biggest breakthrough in sleep improvement in decades." Don't Disturb Me! contains Festuca Arundinacea, a Welsh meadow grass, which provides a natural plant source of Melatonin. Instead of synthetic melatonin normally found in over the counter sleep aids, our product contains a physiological dose of natural melatonin. That means your body is getting the correct amount of melatonin needed by your pineal gland, to promote healthy sleep.
Powerful Anti-oxidant
Low dosage of Melatonin
Wake up feeling refreshed with absolutely no drowsiness.
Simply take 1 capsule with a glass of water thirty minutes before bed. Don't Disturb Me! will help you gradually drift off to sleep, and stay asleep!"
This I haven't tried, yet, but can't wait to! HERE is the link!

Free Handmade Soap! "
Another very nice bar... a nice fresh fragrance and enriched with avocado oil for extra moisturizing. Enriched with emu oil.

Words from a manufacturer: "Our handmade soaps are made using the cold process method in small, 8 pound batches. Each bar is hand cut and trimmed, then cured for at least four weeks. Each bar will measure approximately 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches and will weigh approximately 5 ounces. We individually wrap our handmade soaps and provide a complete list of ingredients on each bar." Here is the link

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