Saturday, August 15, 2009

Buy One, Get One Free @ Dos Gringos

Dos has some really rockin' deals lately. If you go Mon-Fri, I would suggest checking out their Lunch Buffet for $7.99. With this coupon, you get the 2nd buffet free. My two year old also eats for free. Get water (if you want to be really cheap!) and leave happy for under $10.00. We honestly leave for under $15.00 since we are weird about leaving decent tips (we both used to serve) and we tip off of what the meal would have cost us before discounts. OH and for those concerned, Dos is actually pretty family friendly during the day. At night, however, I'd leave the babies with a sitter.
They also have a killer Happy Hour. 4-7 pm Monday-Friday & 10pm-2am daily. $4 for your choice of Cheese Quesadillas, Rocky Point Nachos, Fried Monster Taco, Gringo Rolls, Gringo Tacos (2- we suggest steak!), and Queso Dip (my favorite!). I want to say that their margaritas and beers are around the $2 range.

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