Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Burt Day!

For a limited time only, Burt's Bees is having a special for their 25th Anniversary. If you haven't tried Burt's, you're missing out! I love this stuff... here's the deal:

"25th Burt Day Celebration Grab Bag
Celebrate our 25th Burt Day with a bag full of goodies!

How it Works
It's our 25th Burt Day and we're ready to celebrate with a gift - just for you! We've mixed and matched our most popular natural products and other special gifts into our premium Burt Day Celebration Grab Bag. A bag full of these goodies sells for over $50 MSRP, but we've lowered the price especially for our birthday.

You'll get 6 regular-sized products: 4 lip products, a 4 oz. spearmint lime body wash and a 3 oz. nourishing body lotion; 12 mini-size products; and 4 special gifts!

Give the gift of well-being to others or keep them all for yourself. And of course, Happy Burt Day!

Featured Ingredient
Beeswax — A natural wax made by bees in the cell walls of honeycombs, this substance is a natural emulsifier used in cosmetics.

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6 Regular-Sized Products:
Lip Shimmer Merlot
Lip Shimmer Toffee
Replenishing Lip Balm
Beeswax Lip Balm
Spearmint & Lime Body Wash (4 oz)
Nourishing Body Lotion (3 oz)
12 Mini-size:
Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath
All-in-One Wash
Lip Gloss Red
Lip Gloss Nude
Natural Skin Care for Men Soap
Peppermint Soap
Citrus Spice Soap
Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap
Orange Essence Facial Cleanser
Peppermint Foot Lotion
Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar
Therapeutic Bath Crystals
4 Special Gifts:
Bamboo Poof
Burt's Bees Gardener's Gloves
Red Wristlet Bag
Lip Balm Clip-On
Items may vary. All sales final. No returns or replacements."

here is the link! Get it quick... the supplies won't last!!
and check here for other spankin' deals!
(By the way, it may help if you right click and open the links in new windows....)


  1. I was so excited to see this post, but I didn't get there in time! Thanks for the link :).

  2. Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear that! They do have good chapstick prices that I was looking at as well! BTW, your my first comment! It's nice to know I'm not talking to myself all alone in blog world! :)