Thursday, August 20, 2009

Movie Tickets for a $1

So apparently I'm a lazy bum who watches movies & tv all day since that's what my last two posts have been. Haha! I wish! I'm the mom of a two year old who has been REALLY sick lately, so my posts have been about us being lazy/cheap. I also haven't had time to post as much as I want. Although I do have some topics I'm dying to cover!

Who else has discovered "cheap theaters" (as my family likes to call them)??? By that, I mean watching slightly older/not yet released on film but out of the big dog theaters movies. Our cheap theatre sells their tickets for $2, but on Tuesdays, they sell them for just a buck! This is our favorite deal currently. It's been about 115*F where we live (Phoenix, AZ) so not only are we hot, but we are pretty lacking on the energy department. The three of us can get in for $3, and when we nix the concession stand (or sneak in a bag of organic popcorn that has 4,000 less calories than the $4 kind....), we come across some serious savings. Costs us about the same for us to rent the movie! Try googling "cheap theatre in ____" and see what comes up.

For the movies that we just can't wait 'till they come out, we try to hit up the "early bird" specials. Did you know that the majority of "big dog" theaters will let you into the movie for around $5 if you go to the first viewing? It's true. Harkins has the option for you to buy their "souvenere" cups/shirts and you can get free popcorn (with the shirt) or $1 refill on the soda (cup). Not too bad. Not as good as the "cheap theatre" but it sure does save money!

I've also heard of buying your tickets at Costco. Has anyone ever tried this?

Does anyone have any tips other tips that they'd like to give? If you already attend a "cheap theatre," please comment what theatre it is & what city/state you are in so others around you can bask in the same glory. Happy Savings!

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