Saturday, July 11, 2009

DIY: Silly Putty

For "Silly Scientists Day" today at my preschool class (that I teach), we made our own Silly Putty. The first couple of tries were disastrous.... I followed corporates' instructions on how to make it. They make lesson plans that they want me to teach, but they are normally pretty lame (come on... it's corporate, not a teacher making these lesson plans!), so I typically have to redesign the whole day. Well, I thought the IDEA of making Silly Putty sounded pretty fun.... but should have researched the instructions that they gave me because it was awful trying to make the silly putty work out in front of 9 3&4 yr olds who worked hard at putting it together & mixing it just right. Anyways, here is the easy, DIY method that hopefully is fail proof via a video. It ought to make it a lot easier to make the putty than my failed-many-times way.

Make Silly Putty (imitation) - The funniest home videos are here

I have found that mixing the borax with water first is crucial because, if you don't, you end up with really grainy gunk.

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