Monday, July 20, 2009

End Of Summer Clearance- Fry's

Fry's (Kroger Company) is having a huge clearance on both back to school supplies & summer items. Bar-B-Que's & patio tables are by far the biggest deals, but they also have many every day supplies that can be used through out the year. My son was overjoyed to see that I brought him home bubbles & markers for him.
A 10 pack of Crayola Markers (which is plenty for him- he's two!) was on sale for $2.50 ($1.69 savings) & bubbles were on sale for $1.39 (60 c off, which isn't that much but is still pretty good considering he'll use them and it saves me from having to make them!).

Index cards (for me, not for my son!) were on sale for 99c, which puts me at a 70c savings. I need it for college, so what can I say!?

I was happy to see that storage was included in this sale. Latch boxes were 2 for $10, and regularly $8.39 (so $3.39 in savings).

They also had Lloyds chicken on sale for $3.99 (they were $7.99- so this is a real treat for us! we never want to spend that much on a lunch, but I was glad to when they were $4 off!). Also, they are trying to be more economical on their packaging... printing directly on the plastic vs having a paper wrapper.

My one disappointment was that they changed the book bin! Now it is 2 for 10, which drastically has changed the quality of the books (I used to buy $35ish books for $5ish!) and children's books were often found for around $2 or $3.

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