Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making Your Own Baby Food

Baby Food is actually a LOT easier to make than people realize. As easy as baby food is to buy, it's considerably close to being just as easy. The only cons are: you have to invest a bit of time into making the food and you want to let it "defrost" (and therefore need to plan your baby's meals out). The pros: you can save a TON of money!!! AND it's an easy way to "reuse" an every day product!

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1. your choice of fruit/vegetable/meat
2. Ice trays
3. Tupperware for storing the food (first preference... although ziplock bags work, too.)
4. Blender/Puree/etc.
5. Time & Patience for the Prep work.... if this is too much, PLEASE do not guilt yourself into doing this. I know it is to have a hard time finding time to do anything. If cooking isn't your thing, and your already a busy mom, skip over this and please go play with your mini-you! This is just a cheaper way of getting the same result....

Follow the P's of cooking.... from Sweet Peas & Pumpkins
Prepare the food, usually by peeling and/or steaming or baking. Be sure not to overcook the food, as overcooking leads to nutrient loss.
Process the food in a food processor, adding breast milk or boiled water to the puree until a “baby food” consistency is reached. ((Be sure to make it smooth & the consistency that your child is at. This is a quick way to get an unhappy but still hungry baby!))
Pour the food puree into ice cube trays to freeze, reserving some of the puree for your sweet pea’s next meal.
Pop the food cubes into tupperware containers (or ziplock bags if you prefer)…be sure to label each item (don't forget the date!) , as you will be amazed at how similar many of the food cubes will appear (ie, hard to distinguish carrots from sweet potatoes from peaches)
Pick the cubes you need when the day prior to the meal via the refrigerator. Or, for immediate use, the microwave or oven. Just remember the bit about heat & nutrients!

Have fun and enjoy mixing together different food items!

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