Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr. Forrest

Meet the new member of our family:

Isn't he a beauty!? I'm very excited about it... we also got a HUGE mirror & literally 8 baskets. We could always use more baskets for organizing! It all was from a moving sale that we saw on Craigslist. We are ecstatic.... we got a very good deal on it all & we also know we did a good thing buying used instead of new for the environment.
In case you are wondering, right now we are calling him "Mr. Forrest" because of his color (GREEN) and the fact that we got it from a nice lady who lived on Forrest Drive.
Now I'm just trying to decide what color to paint him. I'm thinking either brick red or black. I also think he could use a quote. I can't wait to fancy him up. Right now he'll remain in his ugly shade of green. I do have to admit, the color is some what growing on me... but it doesn't go with our house at all... and that just doesn't work. I'll update in a bit in regards to how he turns out!

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